Interrogator Installation

on Mac OS X

System Requirements

Requires Mac OS X v10.2 or later.
Application uses about 15MB of disk space as of this writing.

10.3 (Panther) fully tested and supported.


1) download the file ( here). It should be a file named

2) Use stuffit or unzip to produce program. It's a directory package.
3) run the program by double-clicking

Permanent Installation

You should probably put in the Applications folder for use on your machine. Make sure it's on the Dock: simply drag the icon there.


There are only two things to remove: the program itself (wherever you put it), and the directory .tint in your home directory. That directory is created the first time you run the program. You may have to use the command line to delete it, or Interrogator itself; if you leave it, it's harmless.


Most of the megabytes in the program are documentation included in - if you want you can remove it, but then half of the Help menu will stop working.

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